Wire descaling and cleaning system ECOCLEAN

Descaling and cleaning of wire surfaces and improving the wire quality

Batch sizes are becoming smaller, lead times shorter. Likewise, pricing pressures are increasing as are requirements for wire quality. In this situation, conventional methods for wire cleaning are reaching their limits more often and faster. The results of alternative techniques and devices to clean the wire by bending and brushing, blasting, scalping or even by chemical treatment are totally inadequate.

The ECOCLEAN series meets highest demands. Wire surfaces are cleaned, polished and smoothed – the wire becomes stress-relieved, its structure more consistent. Furthermore, the ECOCLEAN system provides an optimal wire material for further processing. In particular, the subsequent surface coating is made easier and the materials used in these operations are reduced significantly.

By the use of rotary cleaning heads the very universal ECOCLEAN system allows the production of clean wire at its highest level. The users benefit from wire of best quality and a very high system availability due to longevity of the cleaning heads and low wear of the overall system. Numerous options allow custom-tailored configurations of the machine for maximum productivity in manufacturing. Economic efficiency and quality are top priorities of modern wire production.

The ECOCLEAN system offers the ideal basis to manufacture high-quality wire environmentally friendly and cost efficient at maximum productivity. The ECOCLEAN series ensures success and opens up new opportunities in the market.